Sunday, December 4, 2011

What to get for Christmas?

 This picture is not my own but years ago, I did make wrapping paper like this with a potato stamp.
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I have been giving a lot of thought to Christmas for my three men. T. is easy, he is leaving home to study far away, so we bought an extra big suitcase and a camera. V. Is a school principal, so I got him two sleeveless cashmere sweater vests and I want to get him a lovely Panama hat for when we are in France. (Thanks to my sister for this idea)

D. Is another matter altogether. I really don't know what to get this almost twenty-year old Zen Phys-Ed guy. He has read all of my Eckhart Tolle this past fall and is into electronic music which he writes with the help of a program on his computer.I am baffled, at the same time, I refuse to give him only cash for Christmas. It feels too cold, not thoughtful.  I had thought of getting him a meditation course, I know that he would love that but how do I know when he is free to take it?  It's a quandary I tell you.If you have any great ideas, I would love to hear them.

I have never been this late gift-buying. At the same time, this year is the first time I will be attending the Butterdome craft sale next weekend. I hope to find something inspiring there.

Wish me luck! and to all of you, Happy Hunting!



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labergerebasque said...

How about a Kindle with an Amazon gift card? I received a Kindle for my birthday and was dismayed as I LOVE books (touch, look, smell...), but I now love it! It is like comparing a dvd to the movie theatre...
Whatever I want to read is at my fingertips in about a minute! The battery life is long and you can re-charge it by computer. My least favorite gift has become my favorite :)