Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last Minute Gift Ideas

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Butterdome Craft Sale with my sister D.  From there, I got a few ideas to share with you for last minute gifts (I say last minute because if you haven't got them yet, it's really getting last minute-ish). I've thrown in a few other ideas that I think make inspiring gifts. So here we go:

Beeswax candles:  who can poo poo an authentic beeswax candle? Whether a pillar, a taper or  a votive, beeswax is the best.  It burns clean and doesn't have a lot of drip.

Votivo candles - The French Collection:  if you can get a hold of them, they make a delightful gift that keeps on giving for thirty or so hours of scented light.  AND they smell divine.  Original and rustic in little terra cotta pots.

Red Knot McLaren Vale Shiraz: a lovely, smooth and reasonably priced red wine that makes my heart sing.  Put it in a lovely box and include the recipe for Boeuf Bourguignon!

A Brie Baker:  I won one at the Christmas Raffle at the office and I think it's brilliant.  Dazzle your friends with your foodie know-how and include these recipes with the baker.

Amaryllis: I was at the Wellington Garden Centre in Edmonton and bought one for myself.  It's a first and it's an interesting change from the omnipresent poinsettia.  Mine has not yet flowered but is on the verge of.  Here is another gift that keeps on giving, watch it burst into bloom! 

An Artist's Date or a Creative Excursion: Coined by Julia Cameron in The Artist's Way, an Artist's Date is an excursion to a place that will prime the pump of your creative juices.  A place like Wellington, or an Indian sari shop or Foodie emporium, an art exhibit... You get the idea.  Give your friend or loved one a coupon for an Artist's Date combined with lunch at a favorite spot.  You will be in their good books forever!  Sarah Ban Breathnach of Simple Abundance renown, calls it a creative excursion.

A Pook Toque:  Made with grey wool socks, these toques are cute and warm.  They make the mitts too and I believe that these would make a fine gift for anyone.  Go on, you know you want to! (A Canadian gift idea) O.k.  it may be too late for this year but not next year!

Toast or Toasty:  these are finger less gloves for your frozen friends.  If you are a quick knitter, these can be made up in a few hours and they are adorable. OR why not copy the pattern here and give IT, along with some yarn and needles for a friend who knits AND is always frozen.

David's Tea: another Canadian company,  makes the most inspiring teas.  Check out their website and buy one or three for a dear friend.  Pair it with a teacup from a second hand store for the perfect go-to-work gift.  They have a new Winter Collection, I haven't tried them but they sound great: Chocolate Chili Chai, Alpine Punch, Snow Bunny, Après Ski and Hot Toboggan.  They offer free shipping for orders over 50$ so why don't you get some for yourself while you're at it?



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