Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jasper Park Lodge

Do you want a good laugh?  THIS is the ONLY picture I had the time to take during the 20 hours that I was in Jasper!  The bathroom was gorgeous!  As well as the room, the natural beauty of lake Beauvert, the mountains, the high school kids, the restaurant, etc.  Well, I did say I was there for work!

This picture was taken while waiting to get picked up for a ride to the restaurant for supper... Here is a stock photo of what it usually looks like.  Wildlife and all...



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Debra said...

Stella, time just passes way too quickly . . . but, what an incredible place to get to experience.
Looking forward to seeing pictures of your tree.
I managed to get mine decorated, but still need to get all the boxes of unused decorations put away.
have a great day,