Friday, April 18, 2014

Chalk Paint Adventure #2

 I bought this charming, cheap, little end table several years ago and the paint on the top is just flaking off.... Naturally, this was one of the first chalk paint redo projects to pop into my mind.

Here it went... first off, two coats of Annie Sloan Versailles chalk paint.  This is how much coverage I got with one coat.

Next, I cut up an old invoice I purchased from TICA last year, into sections that would look interesting enough on their own.  (I know, how could I?).

Then I took out a pot of collage glue that is certainly several years old, and glued the pieces of the invoice onto the rectangular panels on each side of the table leaving a space all around because I had to.

Now, I am literally waiting, not watching, glue dry so that I can go on to the waxing.  It doesn't look good right now, but once the glue dries clear, it's going to look much better.

Here it is with clear and dark wax and a spray-painted knob.  Not bad for a couple hours' work...



Anonymous said...

Absolutely lovely! You are a real pro!

Stella said...

Thank you, Sister Dee I think?

French Culture of Restored Furniture said...

The beginning of your own company! Bravo! Even if you cut up and glued that old French document! Good job Ms Denise!!

Lizette said...

That looks beautiful! You have such a good eye.