Thursday, May 24, 2018

Counting Blessings

In the last two weeks, I have won two things!  I enter draws whenever I can but I really do not often win something.  Winning two things in two weeks is amazing for me.  No, I did not win the house lottery in my town which could have been really amazing... but little winnings are really fun.  Getting something desirable for nothing is a joy.

The first is a prize from my LYS (local yarn store) when you bring a reusable bag for your purchases in store, you get to enter a draw.  I really wanted this prize for some Christmas knitting and lo and behold.

This is a kit by Blue Sky Fibers and I love it.  Would like to knit the toque kit too... Maybe next year for a lucky Christmas knit recipient.

In fact, I have started some Christmas knitting this week.  I knit for most people in my family who enjoy my knits and I also make gifts for my friends in France, babies...

This year, I have an Edmonton Oiler toque, two pairs of slippers made with the no-longer-sold Canadian Buffalo Yarn, hand warmers and two more toques to knit (one done).

My next won item is a cute decorative pillow I chose when my name was drawn for a door-prize last week.  I got first pick, and this is what I got

Did I mention my husband has been in Romania for the last 9 days?  It's like the universe is sending me "keep-your-chin-up" encouragements. 

I would be lying if I said I wasn't missing him but this time apart has been rich in time-alone, and reflection and gratitude for having Vlad in my life.  I miss him but my desire for him to have a great time visiting his cousins is greater.  It's a very good place to be.

In the meantime, flowers are planted, shirt-ironing is almost done and so is work until the very end of October when I am fully back in the saddle.

This and the marvelous hot May weather we are having is making my cup run over...


Saturday, February 17, 2018


Dylan is Vlad's grandson from his first marriage but Dylan calls himself my grandson so I guess...

Dylan turns 17 at the end of April and he always gets very excited for his birthday.  He is a great, great fan of the Montreal Canadians because his Mom was born just outside of Montreal and to him, that makes him part-owner of the team... certainly in terms of enthusiasm.

He loves to draw and does so on an iPad mini.  He uses a stylus and he does a pretty good job interpreting people in these.  He also loves Lego and has an enormous collection in his room which he keeps super clean.

For his birthday and because the past year has held many challenges for Dylan, I've opened a Go Fund Me Campaign. I have never asked for money from anyone in my life but this is a special case.