Friday, December 30, 2011


Anguilla is a small island in the Caribbean.  On this island is Saint James School of Medicine where our boy T. has gone to study.  He is 5817 kilometres (3,613 miles)away as the crow flies and three hours ahead of us.  It took him over 24 hours to get there (flights are not abundant) and he was hauling over 135 lbs of luggage.
Thanks to Skype, we know that he made it safe and sound and happy.  Exhausted though he may be, he is meeting the president of the Students' Union tonight for supper.  Tomorrow, he is going to walk around the island.  It is about 13 miles long and 5 miles across.

Anguilla is known for it's pristine beaches and abundant sea life.  T., who has always been a turtle lover, is in heaven.  He will finally see the giant sea turtles that are abundant around the island.

Here is a drawing that T. did in elementary school.  Turtles have been an obsession for T.  Alberta pet shops are not allowed to sell turtles.  We did get some from B.C. once, but they did not live long even though we had purchased all of the appropriate equipment.

In many ways, Anguilla is a dream come true for our boy.  Best of all, he can carve his own future and become his own man in a place that never sees snow.  Did I mention that T. is not a fan of the cold?
He is safe, he is happier than scared.




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