Saturday, December 31, 2011


A Year of Transitions

1. January/February: Back to work after a burnout which kept me at home for two months.  I worked hard on getting better: diet, exercise, sleep, therapy and making friends with my creativity again.
2. March: Went to White Rock for a few days with my two dear friends.
3. April: Went to friend's home in San Carlos, Mexico for a week long visit.
4. May: Applied for a new job.
5. Got the new job.  Cleaned out my office of 8 years.
6. July: Spent the month in Provence solidifying friendships and the commitment to our second home.  Envisaging staying for three months at a time.
7. August: Holidayed at home resting and readying for the new job starting on the 25th.
8. September: My big boy turned 22 and applied for SJSM in Anguilla.  I start yoga 2x/week.
9. October: T. gets admitted to SJSM.  Our family begins to imagine life without his extraordinary presence. Started sewing On-the-go place mats for sale with D.
10. November:  Spent a few days in White Rock with Mira. We both reflect on the near future.
11. November:  One year without a period.
10. December:  Said goodbye to my son and cleaned out his personal space.  We now have a guest room.

I am grateful for this year of turbulence, travel and transition.  I am grateful for the opportunity to grow.  I look forward to more growth towards a healthier, more creative me.



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