Wednesday, February 19, 2014


I had visitors today, my niece S. and her adorable baby boy A.  They came over so that Tatie (auntie in French) could have A. snacks.  Fair trade right?  I give Mommy some lunch and I get A. snacks.

Is there anything more enjoyable than watching a baby?  This one is a full 8 months old and a mover and shaker.  He is strong, likes to explore and prefers odds and ends to the lovely toys his parents buy him (depriving themselves of delightful things they might like to have).

Today, he played with the tag on a vintage sailor suit that I purchased in France this past summer.  The tag, the feel of a throw, the scratch of the leather sofas all more appealing than Sophie or his monkey, his elephant or Mortimer his teething moose...

Here he is with his Daddy.  I made them matching tuques.  Aren't they (the boys not the tuques) adorable?
After a well-eaten lunch, he started to fuss a little so we made a fort on our bedroom floor and put him down.  He didn't make a sound, playing and then after a few snorts, fell asleep amidst the pillows like an angel.

Babies soften the heart and fill the soul. 





Baby A and Mama S said...

What a delightful afternoon little A was able to share with his beloved Tatie! Thank you again for the hospitality!

Hugs and kisses,
A (and A's mama)

Linda said...

Absolutely adorable! I feel like I've had a bit of a baby snuggle myself from your post!

D said...

Lucky Tatie! It is so heart-warming to read your comments and feel the love pouring out of the depiction of the afternoon.

Nancy said...

Nothing like family and treasured moments shared. So glad your enjoying Tatiehood.

Thinking of You said...

You would be the best Tatie ever to have! Beautiful Baby!