Thursday, December 15, 2011

Unfinished Projects

The reason you haven't seen my Christmas tree is... that I didn't get it done.  I refuse to do it alone you see.  Christmas tree decorating is a family thing and if I can't even get at least V. to help, I won't do it.  I have high hopes for this weekend though. 

Another project I must finish before Sunday is the little knitting number I wrote about a few posts back.  On the trip to Jasper, I got more than half of it done so I know I will get this finished on time.

Isn't this time before Christmas just a long list of things to do?  Gift-giving and money raising at work, work parties (I get two because I go to V.'s party too), gifts, house-cleaning, driveway shovelling, entrance cleaning, light stringing (I still have not done the lights around the front door!), and all this added on top of everything else that has to get done on a regular basis.

Amidst all of these unfinished things to do, I am struggling to keep my focus and try to make the most of every day that our big boy is still at home.  He is softening up, realizing that the days are rushing towards him and that very soon, he will not be with us anymore. Evening often finds him laying next to me in bed, reading.

We are a tightly knit little group of four.  We have remained so throughout the years of distancing from my family of origin.  I have five brothers and sisters but am close to my sister D. and my brother G. comes into my life only on occasion.  V. is an only child whose parents passed away before the children were born.  What little family he has is in Europe.

So you see, even if certain projects remain unfinished, time with the boy is what is first on the list.  Those outdoor lights may not go up this year and it's o.k.

Have a great day!



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Debra said...

Stella, this time of year is overwhelming with the amount of tasks that need to be completed . . .really takes the fun & joy out of the season - for me at least. And, unfortunately, I have had a terrible virus the last few weeks that has zapped my energy. But, I need to find it quick, my daughter celebrates her 18th birthday tomorrow and we just got news that she was accepted at her college of choice: College of Charleston.
So, as a mom I know that feeling that things will be changing shortly. The challenge is how to embrace it and learn to live with it. Like you, I have no family support system. It's just my wonderful husband, me, and my 3 children.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Oh, and, I wanted to ask you if you saw the movie you posted about, Deep Blue Sea (I think?!?) Here in the states, I have not seen any trailers for it.
I always enjoy your book/movie reviews and try to read/see your suggestions.