Thursday, April 25, 2013

Shutter Color Choice

Sunday, I drive V. and T. to the airport.  T. is going to school in Chicago and V. is off to our apartment in the south of France to do some entertaining, some travelling and some painting.

Our shutters are, you won't believe, Pepto Bismol pink.  When we bought the property almost five years ago, they had just been repainted in this the original pink, so we felt that, of all the work we had to do on the apartment, shutters, even though the color is horrible, were not going to be our priority.

November 2013 marks our 5th anniversary as property owners in France and it is right and good that the shutters should be painted a color more appropriate for our setting.

We could do them in turquoise...

 We could do them in vert amande...

or strip them and not paint them  at all... NOT.
We could do them in my color of choice:  blue grey...

But we're going to do them in vert olive so that they match one of the two colors of shutters on our old olive-mill-cum-apartment building.

When we return to our little village in August, the shutters will be green!  I am excited about this as I am about the contrast it will make with the newly painted (last year) wrought iron around our balcony and Juliet balconies.  I may even entertain the thought of a planted pot or two to liven up the place.

But what I would love best of all, would be to plant a purple wisteria against the stone wall just across the stream from our balcony. It might look something like this.

 In Provence, wisterias are very happy and prolific.
Spring is late coming to Alberta so I dream of a French spring where wisterias and olive green shutters keep me warm inside.

Have a good day!


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