Monday, April 22, 2013

Moving Toward Retirement and the Bucket List

When I say I am going to retire this June, I don't mean that I am not going to work anymore.  Rather, I am retiring from full-time work.  I will be working part-time or doing contracts if all goes well.  Got to keep those boys in school for a while longer, and if I want to make it to Morocco (on my bucket list) next spring, I have to earn the trip.

On the political side, if all goes well, we will visit Morocco with V., my sister D. and her husband for one week.  Casablanca, Fes, Marrakech, the edge of the Sahara desert, sound just right to me.  The colors and smells and textures to be found in the country and in the souks attract me.

Here is the trip I am looking at:

This one includes a camel ride and sleep in a tent in the Sahara desert!  It's an 8 day, 7 night trip but I would like to extend the stay in Marrakech by an extra day or so...

 If you have read Julia Cameron's The Artist's Date, you will know that she recommends regular visits to different spots that can inspire you, I think Morocco would be an artist's trip.  I wish I could draw and paint but I have eyes and ears and a nose that will serve me well.

Now I just have to dream this into reality!  What are your travel dreams?


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elsy said...

i think we are of a similar age and i too want to finish work next much to see and do and i will have been working for 40 years....enough! morocco definitely on list, as is most of europe and a top to toe italy.....and of course new york. i could go on but am trying to be realistic. will check out that site