Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nordic Country Murder Mystery

I've been watching The Killing on Netflix recently.  It is the American adaptation of a Danish television series called Forbrydelsen (The Crime).  Unlike most series, this one focuses on a single murder and takes two seasons (26 episodes) to crack.

Netflix suggested it to me based on my preferences and they are right, it's good drama.  While it can be frustrating at times, I think it is closer to the truth about crime-solving than most movies or TV shows that solve a crime quite efficiently, in a relatively short time.

The drama about this show is that all characters are flawed, make mistakes and are lead down the garden path to faulty assumptions.

The lead character Detective Sarah Linden is a petite, fragile-looking strawberry blond and makes mistakes but is unquestionably passionate about her work.  In her late 30's and the single mother of a 13 year-old son, she is struggling to keep her sanity while trying to provide for him and doesn't always do a good job.  She is dented and scratched from her childhood in foster homes but is doing her best.  She's the one with professional integrity.

Holder, her partner is equally damaged and passionate about his work. He is a recovering drug addict who is trying to show himself and the world that he has value in his work. He connects with people better than Linden does.  He is the Yang to her Yin.

Set against the rainy skies of Seattle (Vancouver, Canada), this show is often dark and dreary but the attachment that you form with the characters keeps the viewer engaged. This show is gritty and has a more realistic feel than most crime drama on television.

The last crime series that I watched and loved was Wallander, set in Sweden.  Gotta love those northern european crime dramas...

Remember The Millenium series?

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