Friday, April 19, 2013

Our Boy is Coming Home!

Our boy T. has finished his 16 months of basic medical sciences in the Caribbean.  He is coming home for one week before heading out to Chicago for the rest of his medical schooling.

He has been very strong and very concentrated on his studies over the last 16 months.  He has met with adversity: very hot climate, cultural shock, living as a visible minority, living on his own, learning in less than optimum conditions and he has blossomed.

Now, we get to enjoy him for a full week before we say goodbye again on April 28th. This time, it will be a little less dramatic because he'll be only two-day's drive away in Chicago.  We intend to visit him during his first year of residence there.

T. is a city mouse so he should enjoy Chicago and all that it has to offer.  Furthermore, he looks forward to living in a northern clime once again.

Although we Skype with him weekly, I look forward to kissing and hugging him as he is an affectionate man.

Wow!  My BOY is an affectionate MAN. When did that happen?

Talk to you later,


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