Saturday, April 27, 2013

Goodbye My Loves... Phew!

My two men are packed and ready although one of them is more anxious than the other.  My poor boy has a bad cold and had a horrible trip coming home from Anguilla.  Almost everything that could go wrong,  did.  Missed ferry, flight, penalty for re-booking flight, 3 nights in hotel rooms waiting to take the plane to come home, overweight bags (all those medical books), throwing away books and personal effects, ripping bag, rushing to buy duct tape to fix it, canceled flight... no wonder he's sick.

When he got home, he only had 3 1/2 business days to get everything done: physical exam, inoculations, police check, bank visit, file income tax, papers, papers, papers to sign, clothes to wash, decisions to make... and a birthday gift to buy for his girlfriend.

I am almost sick with it.  There has been a lot of turbulence around here (no pun intended).  And during this last week before their departures, my husband woke up and decided to get everything done that was on a 6 month-old list of things to do.

I received my new washer and dryer Thursday night, we installed them Friday night and today, Saturday, I've been washing mountains of clothes and helping them pack.  Although I love them both very much, I will be relieved when they leave...

Tomorrow we will head for the airport at 9:30 am for T. who leaves at 12pm for Chicago.  V. leaves three hours later for his flight to Marseille,  so we'll go for a nice brunch somewhere and hang out until it's time for him to go.

Then I will head home with my remaining honcho and thank God for giving me the Grace to move through this week without losing my temper or producing tears, for keeping my chin up and my resolve firmly in place.

Tomorrow night, I will call my almost 92-year-old Dad and see how he is doing.  Then I will have one glass of cold Pinot Grigio and contemplate the peace that (hopefully) will surround me.


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