Sunday, April 14, 2013

Eat Less, Move More

 About a year ago, my friend C. from France was talking about the need to lose some weight.  I said: «Easy, eat less, move more.» This is really funny coming from a girl who has to lose a whole lot more than the other.

Last week, I returned to Weight Watchers.  Why?  Because on the eve of my retirement,  I want to make sure that I am healthy. Goal:  to lose 10% of my weight before we leave for France in August. That gives me roughly 18 weeks to get the job done.

As I take stock of what I am doing well (do not eat much dessert, do not have desert, packaged meals or treats at home, do yoga twice weekly and walk at least 10 minutes per day) and what I need to do better (get in some cardio, do weight bearing exercises and track my food intake), I realize that it's going to take a lot more effort to lose weight at this age, almost 55, than ever before.

I'm going to have to be trim and fit for all the fun I'll be having!

Hasta luego!



labergerebasque said...

In France it is desert and aperitifs ONLY on Sundays, “tartines” in the morning,otherwise a one 3cm slice of bread for lunch/dinner, water with all meals and ONLY a vegetable entrée (grated carrots, vegetable soup, salad crudité) :)

labergerebasque said...

oh…and park as far as possible when doing errands :)

Stella said...

Thanks Bergère! I'm sure those rolling velvet hills keep you in shape!