Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cubicle Reflections

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It's feels like -40 with the wind today.  I am sitting at my computer drinking a hot chocolate, a sweater draped across my shoulders.

I had sad/bad news this weekend from my Dad and from a friend.  Dad lost his only living sibling, an older brother, 95 years old.  Dad will be 92 this summer.  His life it seems, is a succession of funerals.  All of his contemporaries have passed or are on the verge.  Dad is healthy and still sharp.  His hutch contains a library of prayer cards.  I have seen them, there has to be close to 75 of them.  He is kind of the village elder.  It must be a challenge for him at times.

The other piece of news was more shocking to me.  A very dear friend of mine, M. was the victim of a scam.  She is devastated.  She has had difficulty sleeping and eating. The worse thing is, the scammer is someone who she knew, or thought she did.  She is listing her beautiful home this week...

Say a prayer for my Dad and my friend M. will you?


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