Sunday, January 27, 2013

Six will get you ten

Dishcloths that is.

Our Mom passed away seven years ago this month.  As I age, I find myself resembling her more and more.  The neck, the mouth, something around the eyes, the hair, the tone of voice, the joie de vivre, the knitting...

Many years ago my Mom made me quite a few of these.  I still have a few and they have held up really well.  I decided to knit up a bunch more, this time in black, so they don't need to be bleached.

Je pense à toi Mom.


Stella (aka Denisette Pinçette)

P.S.  Six balls of Bernat Handicrafter got me 10 dishcloths.  You can do it too, just don't cut your ends longer than 4 inches to weave into the cloth when you're finished and your last cloth may be a few rows short.

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