Friday, February 1, 2013

Christmas Magic

Don't ask me why the image is flipped, o.k.?

This is Bob.  I received Bob as a Christmas gift from my sister D. after having told her one day that I'd always wanted a sock monkey.  Pouff!  There's a sock monkey in my Christmas basket.  (Bob sits in a chair facing my bed and he serves to remind me not to take life too seriously).

There were a couple other pouffs in the basket as well.  A set of brass stencils of my initials, and  a wonderful blown glass bee that I had found enchanting when I visited Woodlands in Vancouver last November, amongst other things.

I wonder what will happen if I tell her of my longing for a pair of Chanel ballet slippers.

Size 7.5 please...




Oakland Daily Photo said...

You have a ver nice sister.

Stella said...

You're right on that one!

Thank you for your comment!