Friday, January 4, 2013

Poem for Lizette

Friday afternoon meditation

Hello little pigeon
Howsit goin'?
I don't need a reason
To watch you this mornin'

You come to the window
You perch on the sill
You show me your no-no
And I love you still

Hello little pigeon
Puffin' your feathers
I'm just a sittin' here
Thinkin' I'm nutters




Lizette said...

A Poem for Denise from your pigeon friend:

Hello little lady
Howsit goin'?
I've been watchin'
You all mornin'

I look through the window
You perched on your chair
You show me your back
Have you cut your hair?

Hello little lady
Rubbin' your shoulder
I'm sittin' outside
and it's gettin' colder.

Stella said...

A poem after my own heart. Thanks little pigeon!