Thursday, January 17, 2013

Pointers for thriving at work...

Here is supposed to be a photo of my sock knitting in my desk drawer.  I am no longer able to import photos from my computer to pasted them onto my posts.  Heaven help me!

Retirement from full-time work is a little less than six months away. I want to end on a good note.  I want to not only survive at work, I want to thrive, if possible.

Right now, I'm good.  I haven't starting crossing days off on the calendar and don't want to start that until I am much closer to the last day.

In the meantime, I try to make my days as enjoyable/productive as possible. 

Here are some of my strategies:

  • Lunchtime yoga 2x/week
  • Listen to music with ear buds
  • Every hour or so, get up and take a short walk, say hi to colleagues
  • Knit during breaks
  • Take short walks during the lunch hour
  • Start a large jig-saw puzzle for all branch staff
  • Other?
Have you any other ideas to keep this near-retirement girl enthusiastic about work?

Bonne journée!



Anonymous said...

Sipping your favourite tea.

Stella said...

Yes! I will dust off my teapot and use it! Thanks!

Girl About Chelts said...

Wow, only six months left at work. I'm very envious of you right now x