Sunday, January 20, 2013

My Cup Runneth Over

Last night, V. and I went for dinner at our new friends Rose and Barry's.  They live in an older home, beautifully refurbished and decorated with antiques.

We ate foie gras with flûteaux de jambon accompanied by the most light and fruity Montrachet wine.

Next, we had mussels with a mussel broth soup to drink.

Then, we had prime rib and frites.

After that came salad with gizzards.  Gizzards are o.k. you know?

This was followed by a cheese platter containing:  a perfectly ripe brie, Tome and Roquefort.

Latter, we had a pear, Christine Ferber jam cookie to die for.   As a finale, there were chocolates from JACEK and Cognac.

There was a flurry blur of conversation and sharing and looking and reading from books and planning and laughing and oohing and ahhing.... and I did not take pictures.

Instead, here a pictures of the kind of stuff I saw yesterday.

Rose and Barry are going to our apartment in the south of France - Stella,  for five days at the beginning of February.

What a blend!  What an interesting, stimulating and fun couple!

Bonsoir, I am off to get my evening reading for Downton Abbey!

xoxoxo Stella

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