Monday, January 7, 2013

Lunchtime in the Cutebicle

Today, I am reading during my lunch hour. My book club meeting is coming up and I have not made great inroads in the reading the 400+ page book. Funny how, during the holidays, I didn't pick up a book.  I knit because you can be with people when you knit, not when reading a book.  I knit Toast fingerless gloves for people in my life who are cold.  That is not me. I am a hot Mama.

See how the Christmas cactus is blooming?  See how the sunlight is timid?  See my security badge?  See my view of the building across the street?  Now you know why, during lunch hour, I rarely stay in my cutebicle.

Have a good one,



Anonymous said...

Dearest Stella,

Commenting on your blog is quite difficult. I try but cannot succeed. Why? Is there a glitch with Blogspot?

Stella said...

Thank you for telling me. I am not aware of a glitch except to say that sometimes, using a MAC has caused me some difficulty on and off. My friend and colleague who uses a PC has no difficulty doing so.

Thanks so much for writing.