Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sick Days

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My sweet, gentle cousin from the Haute Marne is here to stay with us.  She arrived Tuesday afternoon and is leaving tomorrow morning.

We met her at the train station, drove her home, had some bubbly, a lot of talk then we had supper.  After more talking around 10:30, we went to bed.  During the ride home from the train station, I opted to sit at the back of the car with her.  I was feeling pretty queasy when we got home.

Yesterday, we went to visit The Gorges du Verdon as this miracle of nature is rather close to home.  I thought I'd sit in front this time.  We did the picture thing, more winding roads, a little hike then onto Moustiers Sainte-Marie for a visit of one of France's prettiest villages.  We wanted a simple lunch so we had salads.

On the way home, I wasn't feeling my best. 1 hour later, I told V. and Elisabeth that I'd have a lie down because my stomach was upset.  That was 21 hours ago and I've been in bed ever since.  I either ate something that didn't agree with me or I caught a flu bug.  Either way, I slept badly and had a really painful gut and later, all of my bones hurt.

Today, V. and my cousin Elisabeth have gone to St-Tropez without me.  I couldn't bear the ride and honestly, I don't have the strength to walk around.

Pictures from les Gorges du Verdon are coming. V.  left with his iPhone and the camera so I have no pics to download!

Wish me luck!  I'd like to drive Elisabeth to the train station tomorrow morning...


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