Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pomme de reinette et pomme d'api...

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This is a children's song that I have known most of my life.  Yesterday, I was at the grocery store to buy apples to make a pumpkin soup with the pumpkin I received as a gift.  (My dear friend arrived for lunch hauling a huge, weighty potiron, as they call them here). Imagine my surprise when I saw pommes de reinette!  They're real!  Never saw them in Canada but hey, here, they are commonplace.

What else is commonplace on large grocery store shelves of France you ask?

- inexpensive pie crust, you want it, you got it: pate brisée, pate feuilletée... all rolled up and ready to use, my sister would be in pie crust heaven;
- creme fraiche to die for... so much more delicious than sour cream;
- two aisles of yogurt, fromage frais and other dairy desserty things... all your heart could ever desire in every flavour and format;
-Pulco, a yummy juice made with spring water and very little sugar, relatively speaking;
- More kinds and cuts of meat, sausage, pate than you could shake a stick at;
-WINE, Champagne, beer... SO much cheaper than home...
-Bonne Maman jam.  Need I say more?
-Other (use your imagination)



D said...

I guess you don't need to make Bosch pie crust when you live in pie crust heaven!! Let us know how the pumpkin soup turned out.

Lizette said...

Now that song is in my head...petit tapis rouge!