Monday, October 28, 2013

Making a House into a Home

During the past ten weeks in France, V. and I have had the opportunity to spruce up our home a little.  A few minor repairs, a couple major purchases and a few darling touches to warm the nest are making this little apartment more and more like a home.

The closet-demolition-armoire-purchase, the replacement of the stove top, and a fresh coat of paint on the French doors were the most important and time consuming projects undertaken this fall. But the most FUN ones were the little additions that make me smile and would make any house  feel more like a home.

The big clock from Maisons du monde:  This store reminds me a little of Restoration Hardware.  I wanted a clock with some punch.  I think this fits the ticket.

The vanity curtain:  About two years ago, I purchased a set of old curtains at the brocante in town.  I finally made the curtain for the lower part of the vanity to cover the shelves behind them.  I used antique brass curtain rings to hang it with. I love this fabric.

The marble plaque: My friend C. took a picture of this plaque at a brocante one morning on her way here to lunch.  When she showed me the picture, I had to have it.  Within minutes, a call was made and the plaque was reserved for us.  We picked it up in a neighboring village and made a new friend N.

Plaque says: La source du sourire (The source of the smile)

The quilt stand: I have admired this stand at C.'s for a while and this year, she let me have it.  It is in our room and awaits the quilt that I have not quite finished back home.

What would I do without you C.?  Thank you for your inspiration, your time, your teachings and your willingness to share your many talents and resources.  My time in France is richer and more fun because you are there... and because you infected me with the brocante bug...


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Tica said...

Hey I leave and N comes to your home! I cannot wait to hear about your time together. Love the photos Miss D. Miss you xxx