Saturday, October 26, 2013

Au revoir

Going home is o.k., it's planned, expected since before we even leave home (Canada) but saying goodbye to friends is never easy.

A pinch of the heart, a tweak at the heart strings, a tear, a smile, a hug, a long look and we won't be seeing each other for a long time.

I will miss them all but I am so, so grateful to know them.  They give my life a more colorful palette, a finer taste, a warmth that will keep me warm during the long Canadian winter.

The time for au revoir has come, to our home, to our friends, to the lush countryside and to the larger community that welcomes us every year.


1 comment:

Tica said...

I might have to kidnap you.
Do you REALLY have to go?
Come back with more recipes
and jokes! I will miss you very
very much dear Denise xx