Saturday, October 5, 2013

Backyard Editing

This is our "backyard" as I consider the gardens the front yard.  The Moulin where we live has extensive gardens but this little corner is all ours.  Well, not really.  You see, it belongs to our neighbor who doesn't give a fig about it.  Ergo the weeds, the garbage, the rotting figs, the dying elderberry trees.

For the first time since 2008, we are here long enough to work on our backyard as well as the gardens.  I have bought a jasmine vine to plant along Manu's dry stone wall which we look on all the time.
Climbing ivy
To the right is a large weed
Next to the weed is an olive tree
The olive tree bears no olives. Right of the olive tree is a fig tree.
Bay tree
Bay tree and stream bed
Dying elderberry tree on Manu's land
Pink Oleander not bushy because it lacks sunshine
Oleander and view of river valley
The jasmine vine is to replace the large  weed growing on Manu's land.  I have permission to plant something else in its place. My friend Corey recommended jasmine because it's pretty, fragrant and not too messy.

I would definitely like the dying elderberry cut down.  That would give us more sunshine (a good thing when it's not 35 degrees).  Then I would consider cutting down the bay tree.

I would really like to trim the Oleander to about 3 feet tall, then, with more sunshine, it might grow straight and grow more flowers.  Now it grows horizontally looking for the light.

What do you think?



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Merisi said...

Jasmine sounds like a real good idea!
I confess I also like elderberry bushes. They can be easily kept at a desired hight and both flowers and berry are so beautiful.

Greetings from grey Vienna,