Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall Saturday

Fall is definitely upon us.  Despite the mid-day 20 degree temperatures, mornings and evenings are cool.  My mother used to say: 'Le fond du temps est froid' which means to say that the sunshine is just surface stuff that comes and stays briefly while the cold is there to stay.  That is how this October Saturday morning is feeling.

V. is out working in the garden and I am having a lie-in.  My sinuses are acting up again and the discovery of a (not) new series called: The Paradise is keeping me horizontal and happy.  What fun!
The series by BBC One is based on a novel by Emile Zola called Le Bonheur des dames.  It's the story of a young country girl Denise, who arrives in the city's first department store to work as a shop girl. I LOVE it and it is available in its entirety on You Tube. I've never seen a film where the name of the heroine is Denise... This Denise is bright, creative, ambitious and very pretty.

Enjoy!  I am... along with a cup of Rouge d'automne tea by Mariage Freres, the perfect treat for a cool, sunny fall Saturday:

Autumn, which turns maple leaves fiery red, is a good time to indulge in a delicious treat that erases the bitterness of rainy days. That is why Mariage Frères has employed an almost forbidden fruit - marrons glacés, a famous French indulgence ever since the days of Louis XIV - to create its new "Autumnal Red" tea.
A red rooibos from South Africa, mild in taste with very little tannin, has been combined with the flavour of fine candied chestnuts and Bourbon vanilla, yielding a most striking yet smooth cup, warm and festive, with fruity and slightly spicy harmonies that precede a final note of honey and dried fruit.


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