Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A Very Good Brocante

Digouin Sarguemines 1855 - a gift from V.

Digouin Sarguemines - St-Jeanne d'Arc
Christofle coffee spoons
Paris 1930s souvenir album to hang on a chain

1920s wool, fully lined never worn sailor suit...

...and matching hat
Boy did I have fun on Sunday.  My first purchase was the sailor suit.  A little pricey,  but it will bring generations of pleasure to little members of my extended family for portraits... I was looking for a baptismal gown but the elderly lady who sold this to me said that I would never find one in this condition again.

After that, I bought all the rest of my purchases from one vendor.  The Digouin Sarguemines cup is absolutely stunning.  I wouldn't buy it because it was too expensive.  I exclaimed over the beauty of the cup and the vendor reduced the price and V. bought it for me.  I will drink my morning coffee in it for as long as I am alive or as long as it is intact...

The Sainte-Jeanne d'Arc plate is of a series of 12 made to commemorate different stages of the saint's life.  I intend to collect them.  They are for my kitchen in Canada.

The six silver Cristofle spoons match the forks and soup spoons I purchased at a large brocante in northern Provence.  I got them for a song -

 Lastly, the little souvenir album contains a series of tiny pictures of Paris monuments.

I am enchanted with my finds.


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