Monday, October 14, 2013


Our trip to Paris a couple of weeks ago was a retirement gift from me to me.  I had a list of wishes and wants and I must say that I ticked off most of what was on the list.

Among the wants, I had at the top of my list were a pair of Repetto ballet flats.  Check.

Repetto flats were designed for Brigitte Bardot in the classic film: Et Dieu créa la femme.  In it, she wore red Repettos and this particular ballet flat has been made exactly the same way ever since. The following excerpt is from the Passionate Lifestyle eMag:


In 1956, legendary Parisienne sex pot Brigitte Bardot asked ballet-wear designer Rose Repetto to make her a pair of custom ballet flats for the now legendary mambo dance scene in Vadim's classic flim "...And God Created Woman." Bardot soon skyrocketed to popularity and both she and the ballet flat have been icons of French fashion ever since.
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I bought classic black Cinderella Ballet flats.  They are very very comfortable and  conform perfectly to the shape of your foot.
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They are worth every penny.

Happy-foot aka Stella


Lizette said...

I really like the red ones. You could put them on and repeat "There's no place like home, there's no place like home".

Stella said...

You are so clever my lovely ex-cutebicle neighbor!