Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wish List

I have a wish list on my computer desktop.  It gets added to, items get deleted, sometimes I get something, often, I don't.  My Mom used to say: "If you still want it after a week, then get it."  I still fall in love with all kinds of wonderful things and sometimes, no, often, just having it on my wish list is enough.
 Here are a few things I am lusting after...

1.  Pilluvuyt lion's head soup bowls:  The older, the better.  If I could find them at a brocante, I would  be over the moon.  If not, I can purchase them off ebay.  Either way, these are creamy, delicious looking crockery that would look great on my dining room table.  I am also sure that soup or Boeuf Bourguignon would taste better in these.

2. Montblanc fountain pen.  This wins the prize for longevity.  I mean, it's been on my list for over twenty years.  I even have a paper cut out of this standing in my pencil pot!

3. A new provençal table and chairs for our place in France.

4. A new wicker chest for my sweaters.  My old one is breaking apart.
5. A new handbag. The Root's French Café is cute isn't it?
6. Lose 50 lbs.  Can you have a negative wish list item?
7. A new throw for my bed.  I hear Santa's elves are working on this one!

8. A beautifully cut black or oyster trouser suit.
9. A renovated downstairs bathroom (this also may be in the works!)
10. A Kitchen Aid mixer.

Bonne journée!

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Linda said...

A wonderful wish list. I sometimes keep one for myself. Maybe I should revisit it! After all, a dream can't come true if it isn't articulated, can it?