Tuesday, November 1, 2011

To Do List

This coming Friday, I am hosting a cocktail party for 25 to 30 women.  My friend N. will be showing her jewellery and me and my sister D. will be showing our sewing handiwork (more on this another time).  My to do list is long but is getting whittled down a little bit every day.

Here is what is left (it is less than half of the original list):

olives (black and green)
roasted red peppers
palm hearts

Put out:
wine glasses
wine glass charms
small plates
bowls                                                                                      Invitation to the cocktail party made with Punchbowl
wood in fireplace (if necessary)
hand towels in washroom

basement (because my husband V. promised to show someone Apple TV!  Grrrrr!)
entrance to house and add lights to small trees by door

doctor Thursday 5:30
love seats arrive after 6pm (They were supposed to arrive Nov. 22 but when they called to say they were ready, I decided to throw caution to the wind and give my old love seats away to make place for the new.)
go for blood tests Friday 9:30

On another note, I want to share a free online party organization tool.  It was easy to use to do my invitations and keep track of who accepted and who can't make it as well as who hasn't decided yet.  It even lets you know who hasn't read the invitation yet.  It's called Punchbowl and you can access it here.

I'll post photos of the affair later this week.



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