Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sore Throat

I am sucking on Ricola Seaberry Herb Throat Drops and hoping against hope that this is just a little passing thing.  I fear that my hopes are for naught and that I will be hosting a cold in the up-coming days. Tis' the season I guess.

So here is my plan for this evening, when I get back from dinner with my friend Michelle:  warm bath, more throat lozenges, maybe get some zinc and vitamin C thingeys as they are known for allaying wicked colds.  Then, flannel pajamas, wool socks, novel and dreamland by 10pm.

What else can I do?  Do you have any suggestions?  Cold FX has never really done it for me...

Au secours!


P.S.  I am harbouring a serious crush on Michael Fassbender.  What an actor, what a cutie!
P.S.S. or is it P.P. S. ? Thank you Linda for your comments!

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