Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Day After the Night Before

My little cocktail affair was a success.  My friend N.'s jewellery was a hit and my sister D. and I have 17 orders for our special go-to-work place mats and cutlery.
About five months ago, I had an idea for a compact place mat and cutlery to use at work. My sister and I got down and designed it and are having a lot of fun coordinating fabrics. We make them for women, men and children.  My friend O. wants a set of 8 to use on her dining room table.

This place mat is made with linen.  It is a trial piece, we want to see how it creases and wears.  I love the coordinating fabrics.  The cutlery is about 6 inches long and the folded mat is about 7 inches long. It tucks into a regular nylon paper-bag-shaped lunch kit.

What I love most about this type of get together is the creative energy that fills the air.  Another friend of mine, Yvette, brought these home made chocolates.  Aren't they divine? Yvette has a full-fledged test kitchen in her basement where she creates these luscious chocolates.

My jewellery-making friend N. were in France together this summer. At a brocante, we bought a bunch of 19th century chandelier crystals.  We also got our hands on some antique medals.  Here is the necklace that we designed for me to wear at my niece's wedding next summer.

It's a little difficult to get the color right because I took these pictures in the evening but you can see the medal and smaller coin elements as well as the silver mesh-encased chandelier prisms.  This is the dress that I am wearing to the wedding next summer.

My cup runneth over and out.



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