Friday, August 31, 2012


8:30 am Edmonton
It's Friday morning and I am completing my first week back at work.  Human nature is kind, every year I forget how trying the first week back can be.  Getting up, breakfasting, showering, dressing, putting on makeup, grabbing my lunch and driving 30 minutes to work.  Parking the car, walking the 5 minutes to my building in downtown Edmonton.  Sitting in a chair most of the day, yawning, sometimes feeling hungry, sometimes feeling squirrelly and often looking at my watch because time is not going by fast enough.

4:30pm is quittin' time, walking back to the parkade, driving home in rush hour traffic, getting home, changing into my loungewear and getting on with supper after which I usually deal with a few chores and then collapse only to wake too early and not be able to get back to sleep.

I miss V.  when he is there and I can't sleep, I lift his heavy arm and put it around me and it usually helps me get back to sleep before the alarm rings at 6:45.

After several weeks of sunshine, light clothing, bare feet or sandals, pool time or beach time, market time and brocante time, reading and knitting, visiting and drinking rosé, socializing and spending time with loved ones, the week back to work is an important shift in physical, psychological and emotional ways.
8:30 am Provence


Bonne journée,



Linda said...

What a beautiful year ahead for you! So many things to be thankful for. Wishing you wonderful moments all year long. I'm sure you'll be grateful when V returns so you can catch up on how your son is doing.

Stella said...

Thank you Linda! Thanks especially for taking the time to comment.