Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy New Year!

This was the opening greeting to our meeting this morning.  Indeed, a new year (school) is beginning and it is my last...  I will relish every month knowing that this is my final full time year.

In order to make the year go smoother and easier, I am planning some blissful breaks througout the next ten months.  Actually, I have been doing this for the last several years.  Having something to look forward to is delightful and fires me up to do a good job and be productive.

So, there is a long weekend in October during which I will be sewing with my sister and I will be spending 5 days in White Rock at my friend Mary's in November.  Then there's Christmas. After Christmas is always a challenging time because there are a full three months before I get to do something around spring break.  This year, we have been invited to Mexico for a week. 

After that, it's a mere three months before the end of June and I am a free woman.

What I have to do now is think about activities to shore up my energy and morale during those three months of winter after Christmas.  Knitting, reading, sewing and deep cleaning of my basement will be a part of my resolutions.  I also plan to entertain about once every 4 to 6 weeks.  It's too easy in the season of cold and dark to just retreat to a soft surface and veg out.  But I have to think of something else I could do toward the second or third week of February for that Something to look Forward to.  I have two personal days coming to me.  I may combine them with a weekend to go to Calgary and visit a friend and visit my Dad with my sister.
For now, I have two trees full of apples and a couple of unfinished quilts beckoning for my attention.

How do you create a little joy for yourself in between work and other committments?

Bonne journée!



Anonymous said...

I'm not an artist, per se. However, I've been playing with paint, paper and gels and I've decided to keep playing and discovering. It makes my heart glide.

Stella said...

I thoroughly get it! Keep at it!

Lizette said...

I enjoy the phrase - blissful breaks. That will keep me going aussi!