Sunday, August 26, 2012

Solo Sunday

My guy is gone to visit our eldest son in Anguilla, my youngest is at work, I am home alone.  The weather outside is perfect, my house is a little messy and quite a bit dusty.  Laundry is not finished and I have a pile of ironing to do, not to mention that tomorrow is a work day and I have to make a lunch.


I have a copy of South Pacific (1958) and half a bottle of white wine.

 I have beads and silver wire to make a necklace for my sister's French antique medal of honor purchased at the brocante in Carpentras this summer.

I have to make buttonholes on the antique nightgown I received as a gift this past summer.  A nightgown that can be worn during the daytime on sunny days like today.

And there's that novel that I haven't finished reading...


I have to change the sheets on the bed and fertilize my flowers.

I have to make supper for myself and my son for when he gets back from work.

What would you do?



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