Friday, August 17, 2012

Banff Wedding Part II

Just got home from a wonderful wedding... the best I've ever attended.  Small, very small, only 45 people including the wedding party.  Kids, smiles, visits to the candy store, laughing, crying, hugging, sitting in the sun, watching the whole thing take place in the gazebo in downtown Banff.  Strangers snapping shots of the flower girls and ring bearers, the glowing bride and her elated new husband.

My cup runneth over with love for these two who know how to love and to express it.  It was elegant yet homey, sophisticated yet family centred.  Look at the flower girls... they are 3 and 5 years old.  My sister D., mom of the bride sewed the dresses and made the flower circlets for the hair.  On the right are the ring bearers.  The beautiful woman on the left was the matron of honor and is mother to the flower girls and tallest ring bearer as well as the wife of the bride's brother.  The bride's other brother can be seen in the gazebo on the left.  He sang and played guitar accompanied by his wife.

So much talent in this wonderful family made this day an extra special one, a celebration of love and natural gifts.  "Two of Us" (above) by the Beatles was sung by the bride's brother and his wife after the ceremony was sealed with a kiss.

I am a lucky auntie.



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