Tuesday, June 3, 2014

This n' That

Finished...the...fence... aaaaaaarrrrggghhhhh!  125 feet of fence, 14 bags of slats... I think I'm going insaaaaaaaannnnnneeeee.

 On the other hand, we were out at my sister's farm on Saturday to Sunday and we made trellises for the house (3 of them) and then we got to play with hypertufa.
Me and Bobby McGee sister D. making
hypertufa stuff at the farm.
Hypertufa is a mix of cement, vermiculite and peat moss.  You can shape it into a number of things.  We made a few containers and balls, yes, I said balls, for me.  Only the balls didn't work out too well.  You see, you have to buy plastic inflated balls, like the ones kids play with, cut out a circle at the top and then fill it with hypertufa mix.  Let harden and then voila... instant yard art. 
Picture via Irena731 at Etsy
We're going to try again and it's going to work and then I will post pictures of our fantastic results... I hope.  Sister D. and her husband are delivering the trellises on Saturday.  Did I mention that they are 8 feet tall and we don't own a truck?  Anyway, Saturday is a very special day.  I'll let you know how it went...

I bet you cannot GUESS what is happening on Saturday... You would have to go way back into my posts to find out what happened roughly a year ago that was REALLY significant for me... and a couple or three other people...



Nancy. said...

Will Tatie be celebrating a first birthday with that sweet baby boy who came into your life about a year ago?

Stella said...

Nancy, you are right on! We are having said birthday at our house this coming Saturday. I'm so excited!

Bbbbbboy, birthday balls said...

Birthday Biy!
Though I was hoping you were coming to France.
Balls.... Oh we gotta make some here.

D said...

Hypertufa balls... a work in progress... add a little more and you have hypertufa trough, hypertufa bowls, hypertufa birds????

Stella said...

Sister D. we will get those balls working yet! Birds, a bird bath, I would love!