Wednesday, June 11, 2014

All Wrapped Up

Last night as our son D. was preparing for his Sport's Injury exam at the university, we served as 'patients'.  Over the past few weeks, we've had thumbs, arms and feet wrapped for various injuries.  Last night was general revision in preparation for the exam.

V. always gets to have his limbs wrapped first.  He is a very willing patient, lying on our bed, all limp and hurting, trailing the offending appendage off the side of bed, awaiting bandaging.  I tell, you, I have to fight to get my turn. 

Last night I had three turns... and we took pictures to show off his bandaging prowess. 

Naturally, we think he's gifted.




Telling it Like I See it said...

Good Luck D! I am sure you will do very very well.
Now Vlad and Stella... the last photo?!? Sure. You cannot imagine I would not say anything... Bondage...err... the S&V is the new S&M.

Stella said...

You nut! However, your commenta are always cleverly nutty!!