Sunday, June 8, 2014

Little Mother

A few days ago, I was perched on the ladder on the south wall of our home, cleaning out the dead wood from the Virginia Creeper.  I was shocked when I discovered not one, but two robin's nests hidden behind the dead foliage and branches.

I immediately stopped my cleaning activity, and with a pounding heart, rushed down the ladder.  Needless to say, we stopped all activity around the nests especially when a young mother returned to the nest by the window on my side of the bed... The second nest is not occupied.

For the last four days, we've been observing the little bird's nesting habits.  She knows we are there and flies in and out with confidence.  It is indeed a great gift that Nature has bestowed on us.

The lower deck is right beside the wall where the nests are.  We might call it the "observation deck" now, because we spend many precious moments watching our little mother incubate.

As I was writing this post, I put down my computer, removed the screen from my window, perched on the night table and took the last two photos. I am amazed by what goes on around us that we sometimes have no clue about...

Stella reporting from the observation deck


Anonymous said...

Gasp! Eggs....three of them! I'm just giddy with excitement!
Definitely one of life's delightful, little pleasures being able to observe and check in on that sweet, little mama....and see her three babies soon!!

Anonymous said...

Nature is TRULY glorious. Lucky you!

Friends of a Feather Flock Together said...

Oh! How lovely! Oh my those blue eggs! Such a good photo. Moreso such a loving heart! I cannot wait to see the progress. Lucky you, fortune birdies to be!