Thursday, June 19, 2014

Buns and Bunners

I've been for a visit with my elderly father (93 next month) with Sister D.. Dad is not a big talker so we made sure to bring a project along with a little food to sustain us during the 900 km round trip.

Sister D. likes buns as in BCC, that is buns cold meat and cheese,  so we had chicken sandwich buns for the trip, also consumed with appetite and gratitude were blueberries and strawberries, San Pellegrino Pompelmo and trail mix. D. and I pack a mean lunch à deux.  We just put together this great little meal without a lot of planning.

Bunners were the project we worked on.  Posie Gets Cozy is a lovely blog by Alicia Paulson.  Alicia is an artist, wife and mother to the lovely Amelia.  Alicia created Miss Maggie Rabbit a little over a year ago, and although I am not a dolly kind of person, I fell hard for this little lady.

Fast forward to last winter, Sister D. and I ordered up the special felt, purchased calico prints and cut out about 10 kits for making bunners. Above are three of the five that we made these last days, sitting on the shelf in the hallway at Dad's.  From left to right: Penelope (Pen) Priscilla (Priss) and Prudence (Prue). Please note that Penelope is not a fat rabbit, she just looks 10 lbs heavier on the photo.  Sister D. calls her 'Pig Pen'.  Not shown are Peg and Peony.
At this stage, we were still fiddling with Pen and Prue's boots.  Note: these bunnies are entirely hand stitched and knitted and take about 5 hours each to make.

Pen wanted me to take another picture of her looking her lean self, at home on the window seat:

Pen with Prue awaiting her frock

The little darlings were sewn up with vintage linen thread from France... no less!

Why are we making these? I dunno, because they're cute? Because we want to give them to our grandchildren? Because we can? Because we want to be remembered?  This pattern is very well designed and the dolls are very sturdy. I expect my descendants to pick this out of a trunk in the attic, blow of the dust and think: "Boy, somebody had a lot of time of their hands!"

We want to make boy bunners too.  Their names might be: Pippin, Perry, Percy and Paddy. We may also shoot for a couple called Pepe and Pillar....

I think I'm blabbering so I'm going to go to bed now.


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