Friday, June 13, 2014

Future Triplet: Venice

Tripletnoun   (word invented by Stella) a small trip as in not far or not long.

So, V. and I are taking a  triplet to Venice for four sleeps in October with my sister and her husband. We have rented a two bedroom apartment which is a six-minute walk from the piazza San Marco.

In preparation for said trip, I've just finished reading: The Glassblower of Murano.  Good book, not great,  but I love the references to the history, the glassblower's trade and the city. It has gotten my
imagination all fired up with color and light and leather and paper and moorish outlines and sounds like water slapping against centuries-old buildings.

Did I tell you this will be a second visit for me?  Yes, I was there as a girl in 1980 and was almost overwhelmed with sensory overload.  As a student, I couldn't afford anything, I just studied my guidebook and walked for miles around the little streets, across bridges, in and out of churches and ate unsalted bread and funny looking fish dishes that can be found displayed in most coffee/bar places.

This time, I am doing the cheesy gondola ride and attending a Vivaldi concert at the Scuola Grande Di S.Teodoro. I would also love to see the Fortuny Museum as his clothes designs were exceptional in every way...  Oh, to own a scrap of Fortuny fabric...
Gondolas, St Mark's Square, Bellinis, Fortuny, blown glass, good wines, marbled paper, golden facades, great food, history, age, romance, here I come!



The French who went to Venice said...

I speak Italian. You need me to come with you. I sleep on the couch. I like wine. I like old fabric. I go?

Stella said...

You are TOO CUTE!