Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rainy Sunday Taking Inventory

 Five weeks to lift off...

*Our boy has two more days with us before he flies off... He's still sleeping now but soon, we will wake him to join us... He's been delightful, huggy, funny, sweet, passionate when talking about medicine and all around easy-going and happy to be home.

     This is A. with his Daddy and Mommy on Tatie and GUV's deck on
     June 7th when he had (cake)sugar for the first time on his first birth-
     day and fed some to Mommy and Daddy too.

*Last night Sister D., her husband, her daughter, husband and our baby A. came over for supper.  I made Chicken Curry, a spinach and mushroom side-dish, coconut rice and cucumber raita.  There was animated conversation aplenty, baby was shifted from arms to arms to arms all evening and remained happy. We plotted and planned our next projects and trips... There may be a car-trip in Ireland in the not-too-too distant future as there is a direct flight from Marseille to Dublin that lasts a mere 2.5 hours...

* Today, I'm off cooking as our two boys are going to their fave 'Furusato' to have sushi and sashimi.

* Tomorrow, I am offering orientation to possibly my last renters of the season.  Marc and Josée.

* Wednesday we're having a few friends over for a little drinks partay.

* Saturday is a supper with and at our friends Eveline and Barry...

* The second weekend of July, we are having our garage sale.

* The third week of July we are having supper for our friends Nicole and Claude.

* The 31st of July, we are having a reading circle on our deck and discussing: "The Invention of Wings" by the incredible Sue Monk Kidd. She is are most-read author as we've also read: The Mermaid Chair, The Secret Life of Bees and Traveling with Pomegranates by her.

Then, then, we are going into hiding for the last week before departure to: pack, organize, rest, clean and advise our son on how to best take care of the garden during our absence.

Life is so very good.

Are you having fun too?


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