Thursday, December 5, 2013

Les Miniatures

In Paris this fall, we shopped at Galleries Lafayette.  Minutes after I entered the building, I was reeling, not knowing where to look.  The architecture, the booths, the famous name brands, the people, the prices!

I went to the Chanel counter to purchase a bottle of their latest scent: Coco Noir*.  I was inspired to buy this perfume one day when I was walking in Aix, a woman walked past me and left a trail of the scent.  I exclaimed: "Ça sent bon!"  She explained that it was Coco Noir, a gift from her brother.  She thanked me and walked on with a smile.

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And so there I was, at a Chanel boutique in the middle of the main floor of Galleries Lafayette.  I purchased said perfume bubbling enthusiastically about EVERYTHING making my salesman smile and comment about my accent.  He handed over a bag with my selection and 'a few goodies' that he added for my pleasure. I noticed a good number of samples and one plastic wrapped box that was the biggest looking sample I've ever seen.

 Later, I unwrapped my treasures and found this:

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A few weeks later I was in Aix doing an errand for my friend Élisabeth at Marionnaud.  Again, I was blown away by all the products available there.  After I made my purchase for E. the salesgirl asked if we needed anything else. I told her I'd just bought several products in Paris... but how delightful was the Christian Dior miniature.  She told me it was available with a purchase of 75 euro and didn't she like my accent. I did buy a lipstick  and  V. did bought a bottle of his favorite cologne Dolce Gabana pour Homme and, in the bottom of the bag was this:
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I felt like a little girl receiving her first musical jewelry box with a ballerina.

Now, I'd like to find this one:


*Top notes: grapefruit, Calabrian bergamot, Heart: rose, narcissus, rose geranium leaf and jasmine. Base: tonka bean, sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli and white musk frankincense. Coco Noir was created by Jacques Polge and Christopher Sheldrake.


Dat Teese said...

I think you got a collection habit going on.
1) go into perfume shops, big names.
2) Speak with heavy accent, smile million dollar smile, be cute as a button.
3) Buy something and comment about "collection".
5) slip them a ten or a cupcake under the table.
6) Smile alot.
7) Razzle dazzle tap dance too.
8) Tell salesperson you are collecting them for needy children.
9) Bat your eyes.
10) Tell salesperson she is a doll, and where did she get her lipstick, and that you would die to have hair like hers.

I know your secret Cupcake.
I bet before you return to France you will have the third mini perfume treasure in your collection. It is for sacha's baby non?

Stella said...

After Yann told me these were collectibles, I am no longer giving them away to deserving little girls. I am keeping them for greedy little moi.
Sacha's baby is a boy... a glorious, gorgeous lickable boy...

Reasonable Greed said...

That is the spirit!! I am so glad you changed your mind!