Saturday, December 7, 2013

He'll be Home for Christmas

T and his cousin S last Christmas
He has been away studying for two years.  The second part of his studies is in Chicago. That's where he is now.

Last night we talked with him on Skype.  We mostly let him contact us because he is soldiering on with his studies, focused on becoming a doctor.

He looked rumpled, a little dazed maybe and certainly very tired.  He looks at us with red eyes and little bags under his eyes. Who knows what studying long days and nights does to one.

He is missing us.  His eyes full of love convey that to us.  He doesn't need to say it although he does.  He's generous with his feelings.

Tuesday, he writes Step 1, an eight hour exam on everything medical.  A culmination of all the past two years' learning. This exam not only determines whether or not he moves on to clinical rotations, 20 months of them, it kind of ranks him and gives him better opportunities for placement.

He'll be writing with all American medical students and all foreign students studying in the States.

Would you say a little prayer for him?



labergerebasque said...

He will definitely be in my prayers...your precious warrior :)

Your Friend said...

I have had T in my thoughts and prayers since you left France. I remembered December 8th was an important date for him, and had hoped all is well.

Stella said...

Today is the day he is writing his 7 hour exam. As I write this, he has 3 1/2 hours to go...