Saturday, December 28, 2013

Been Nice AND Naughty

Christmas holidays with our two sons has been the best. We had a lot of chatty time and quiet time and sharing great meals together. Good food is what my children want for Christmas the most.  After that, a couple cases of beer (Big Rock variety or Rickards variety packs), a few bottles of red wine and they are in gastronomic heaven.  This means making nice meals every night for me but with such grateful men around the table, it motivates me to be nice.  I did show you that they do dishes once in a while.

Tonight, to mark our last supper together for yet another endless twelve months til his next visit where we can all be together again, we are going to T.'s favorite restaurant: Furusato.  Yes, sushi, sashimi and all that are his favorite.  A second close is a big juicy undercooked steak...Yuck!  Makes me glad we are having Japanese!

For my part, I've been a real homebody these last two weeks with only an occasional saunter outside.  We were at Sister D's for Christmas Day and we are going to be at friends for New Year's Eve. I've put gym visits on hold for the two weeks (naughty, I know) that our boy is home.  Not a good reason, but reason enough.  He fills our hearts and makes us joyful to see and his brother so close.

I hope you all had an opportunity to be nice and naughty this Christmas as I did. That's what holidays are about isn't it.  But the best part of all are the numerous kisses and hugs I've gotten and stolen from the boys.  My battery is charged and ready to face the next few months where I'll have to get up when it's dark and go to work again...

Naughty-and-Nice Stella

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