Sunday, March 17, 2013

What to do

Rescued from a box of junk in my Dad's garage, this quilt was made by my maternal grandmother in the 1930s I suspect.  Maybe you can tell me.  It's a pinwheel scrap quilt made from old clothes.  It was machine-sewn together then each triangle was top-stitched.  I have yet to identify the name of the stitch.  It sometimes looks like the stitch Mom showed me to hem pants.
Although it may appear to be random, there is a pattern to the quilt. 
The cotton used to embroider is in different colors.

 I like the fabric contrasts.  I see tweed and wool from trousers or jackets, plaids from shirts, paisleys from dresses or blouses, stripes from blouses...
 I love the red bits.  Unfortunately... many of the red bits were made of flimsy fabric and they went first.
 The quilt has many damaged spots.  It has no batting.  I suspect there was no money for that.  I believe the back is made of flour sacks.

 I'm thinking of cutting it and making it into pillows.
Would that be a sacrilege or would it be giving it a new life?  As I am not a textile restorer, nor am I confident in/ attracted by the job of fixing this baby...

What do you think? 

Bon dimanche!



Sharon Morrison said...

I think the stitch is a feather stitch maybe.
I have an old wool quilt my Grandmother made in the early 1900's and it is worn like this one too.
Very pretty, and yes, I would salvage it into a small quilt or pillows.

Stella said...

I believe you are right, it is a feather stitch. Thank you!