Friday, March 22, 2013

The Persistence of Winter

Yesterday, after the snowstorm which dumped 25 cm/ 10 inches of fresh, light as air snow on all of our world, I came hope to a crackling fire, a glass of red wine, a selection of cheeses, fresh bread and veggies and dip.
After that, we watched two more episodes of Fringe on Netflix. I hemmed my boy's new jeans and settled for a long winter's nap.
What can you do?  It is what it is.
This is a picture of our deck after the snow storm we had last October.
Here is a picture of our deck after yesterday's snowstorm.

 That's almost 6 months worth...

When you live in a northern country, this is your reality.
You deal with it.

Then, you go to Mexico.

À la prochaine,


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