Sunday, March 3, 2013


Four Friends Looking for a Little Harmony
Lush English countryside, aristocratic manor-turned-retirement-home, inspiring music, outstanding cast, great humour and story line. That's entertainment!

Yes!  if you want to be entertained, Quartet is the movie for you.  I say Bravo Dustin Hoffman who, at 75, has decided to try his hand at directing.  What a thoroughly delightful movie!  Our attention was held from the first moment to the last.  V. sniffed throughout because of the beauty of the landscape and the Beechwood resident's appreciation of it's many nooks and crannies to practice their art.

Oh!  I forgot to tell you, this is a movie set in a retirement home for gifted artists.  There are opera singers, directors, orchestra players and, in their 70's to their 90's, they practice with a joy that they may not have had the opportunity to feel when they were earning a living.

A truly inspirational movie for those of us who are approaching or already in retirement.  This is how to live life!

O.K.  who has the opportunity to live out the rest of one's days in such a place, and surrounded with such talent?  But no matter, if you suspend that little corner of disbelief (retirement homes are not normally filled with designer-wearing-fit and spirited artists), you can have a really good time watching this movie.

Bon dimanche!


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labergerebasque said...

Oh it sounds heavenly…definitely a must see!!!